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We have the means to cut out our materials into any size you need, from tiny panels to huge windows of clear and durable plastic and everything in between.

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We keep our overheads low and pass on those savings to you all while keeping a quality that meets, and even exceeds our competition. We can get you the perfect plexiglass cuts you need on-time, precisely cut and perfectly fitted.

20 Years Of Experience

There has been a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon to cash in on the need for new plastic glass installments. However, knowing that we have 20 years of experience you can rest easy after purchasing with us.

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Every day we work to adapt to your needs in the best possible way. This approach has resulted in many customer reviews about cooperation with our company. Some of them you can read below:

“I definitely recommend Plexiglass. I ordered a disc of acrylic sheet with a non-standard shape. It was sensationally cut and profiled perfectly. The service was low cost, excellent quality, and had fast shipping to boot. I can’t recommend them enough!”

“Great customer service, very good quality material, and evenly cut. After the installation, it looks like crystal clear glass. SUPER RECOMMENDED !!!”
“Exemplary. Accurately cut to the specified dimensions. And the package? – I’m impressed! Super resilient to damage – perfect for my needs, I couldn’t be happier!”
“Plexiglass actually looks like glass. Perfectly cut. Super-fast shipping. I recommend this product and provider very much.”
“Thank you very much for a successful transaction! The plate was cut perfectly to the dimensions given by me. Very well packaged and fast shipping! I highly recommend it!”
“I didn’t think that it was possible for Polycarbonate to be trimmed so thoroughly. Thanks for doing such a good job! :)”
“Perfect plexiglass, I’ve always dreamed of that. Thanks to you my little dream came true :-)”

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Plexiglass Palo Alto Park - Our Offer


Glass is as pivotal in construction as brick-and-mortar, but the downside which you’re not doubt aware of is glass tends to be brittle. Glass windows, skylights, even glass walls for your greenhouse can easily shatter during bad weather. Not to mention they tend to get dirty or yellow with age which cuts back on the amount of light that can pass through, and cleaning can be a hassle as you risk scratching the glass!

If you think there has to be a better option than fragile glass, then next time you’re shopping for a new window panel skip fragile glass and go for the strong stuff; plexiglass! Our company doesn’t just deliver precut plexiglass to the Palo Alto Park 78224 area or even the whole of Texas, but instead the entire United States! Before we get into what we can offer you, let’s look at some of the the commonly asked questions.

After all, there isn’t much point to harp on about our service if you don’t know our product!

Why Choose Plexiglass Over Glass? What Can Plexiglass Be Used For?

Let’s start by asking the big question: what  is  plexiglass? Now you may have heard it’s essentially thin sheets of plastic, and you wouldn’t be wrong with this guess but you wouldn’t be right either. It is actually an acrylic plastic, or to use the more fancier name “petroleum-based thermoplastic”. The first plexiglass was actually trademarked as “Plexiglas”. Other brands you may have heard of include Lucite and Crylux.

Since it’s creation there has been a lot of different names such as PMMA and acrylic, which doesn’t make much sense as acrylic and PMMA are the same thing, acrylic glass, and of course the registered names like Plexiglas. Whatever you want to call it, it’s just plexiglass to us and we’ve built our entire company around custom cut plexiglass to fulfill whatever project you have on your mind!

Now that you have a general idea of what plexiglass is, let’s explore what it has to offer. Being a transparent, extruded plastic, it is much more durable than grass especially if UV or other coatings are applied before shipping from the manufacturer. It can function like glass in terms of both appearance and functionality, but is much more durable thanks to a different chemical and physical makeup.

This makes it a much safer alternative to glass. When it’s damaged, as opposed to breaking it’ll normally crack, but doesn’t shatter. It is a popular replacement for windows and skylights. If the decorative aspect is something you’re concerned for, plexiglass can easily be dyed, coated in UV resistance layers, and best of all it’s easy to clean!

While it’s not as durable as lexan, another plastic commonly used as replacement glass, it makes up for this by being most cost-efficient and more scratch resistant. That, and still being more durable than glass. So what can it be used for? As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you’ll commonly see it replace windows and skylights, and even glass doors!

Ever seen a movie where the character runs into a glass door and it doesn’t shatter? That’s plexiglass at work! Other uses include greenhouses, because it can allow in light and isn’t a hassle to clean, and solar panels due to the aforementioned durability. Thanks to the cost being low, it’s also quite affordable for most home projects too!

Why Pick Us For Your Plexiglass Needs?

While finding plexiglass may not be a challenge, finding someone who’ll cut it is. Lowes, Home Depot, and Walmart don’t offer custom cutting or really any cutting at all. So after you’ve done your research, found where to buy plexiglass sheets, and ordered them you’re now stuck with sheets that aren’t going to fit in with your project and you don’t want to risk damaging your material either.

Plexiglass Sheets Cut To Size

Why go through all that trouble when you can instead contact us? We cut to size, and cut to order, regardless if it’s thin or thick panels! Worried about the cost? Don’t be! We keep our prices low and competitive as we know you don’t have time to waste haggling over prices. You want to buy your custom plexiglass and start on your projects.

We laser cut each piece to fit your specifications. Need your sheets cut into circles? How about squares? We’ll even cut them into jigsaw pieces if you have something truly ambitious planned! Along with laser cuts, we use dremel tools to smooth and carve the material, so you’ll get pieces that you know will fit and are just what you were looking for.

Thanks to our supplier, we get it on the cheap and we pass these saving onto you! Worried that out plexiglass is some cheap stuff we bought in bulk overseas? Don’t be! Our suppliers are based in the United States so we get the best deals and the best quality products! We also have access to all sizes of sheets; from large sheets to small ones, and everything in between!

Not happy with how your cut turned out? Not a problem! Contact our 24/7 line and we’ll sort out the issue. Customer satisfaction is our priority so if you’re not happy, never hesitate to contact us. We’ll replace any piece your unhappy with for free! On top of our great selections of precut pieces, never hesitate to contact us for any special pieces you have in mind either.

Is it no wonder why you should use our service compared to the other guys? We provide fast, and cheap service, and can ship your pieces anywhere in USA. As we said at the start, we don’t just provide for the Palo Alto Park, 78224 area, or the whole of Texas, but the whole of the United States. Feel free to browse our selection of precut sheets, and contact us if you have any specific cuts in mind.

We appreciate you choosing us and want to make your experience as smooth as our plexiglass sheets!

Plexiglass Barriers and Sneeze Guards

With social distancing becoming a more and more prominent part of our daily life the need for businesses to have barriers between customers and/or staff is growing ever more important. We can help your business with a number of solutions built from Plexiglass ranging from sneeze guards to barriers, shields, and partition panels. Read on to find out more about the types of solutions we offer.

What Is A Sneeze Shield Or Sneeze Guard?

You may have seen sneeze guards around before at places such as buffets and they are there to protect the food from contamination by sneezing, heavy breathing, coughing, etc. The sneeze guard is usually suspended in between where a person’s mouth would be and the food for protection. This same principle can be applied when considering an office or customer service environment in which a suspended piece of Plexiglass can be placed between the customer and the employee. This allows customers and employees to feel safe from contamination from COVID-19 or other airborne diseases. Another use for sneeze shields is to protect products such as fresh fruits and vegetables from contamination in a supermarket as the products will get fewer contaminants spread to them from sneezing and coughing. There are many types of these guards available through us such as:

A Hanging Sneeze Guard

A hanging sneeze guard is usually a flat piece of plastic suspended from a roof with chains. This is ideal for environments where side access is needed by an employee, or many items are being passed over a desk to leave a large space below the guard. This design is easily manipulated to fit a tight space too.

U Shaped Desk Barrier

This kind of barrier is one that sits on top of a desk with a large front piece and smaller sides like a box with one side removed. This allows the barrier to be easily installed and removed and is a simple solution for many situations. One application of this type of shield could be for an office environment that does not have dividers in place already to protect employees while still maintaining an open feeling through the clear plastic. A second possible application is for customer service as we can cut a hole into the barrier to pass cash, cards, and products through.

L Shaped Desk Barrier

Similar to a U shaped desk barrier but with only 2 sides instead of three. This type of sneeze guard is perfect for non-permanent installations in which one side of a desk is against a wall.

Desk Splash Shield

A splash shield is similar to a desk barrier but can often have an angled piece of PMMA on top as well as the flat piece at the front. This kind of design can be beneficial for situations where one person is sitting down and another is standing to minimize the risk of contamination from above and front-on. For this reason, a splash shield is a good choice for receptionists or similar roles where the employee is seated at a desk and the client is coming from outside.

Floor Standing Barrier

A floor-standing barrier is similar to a desk shield or barrier except it is tall enough to be placed on the ground instead of a desk. They are available in the u-shape, l-shape, and flat designs to suit the needs of your business and are perfect for standing desks or boardrooms.

Table Divider

A table divider is a four-way system used to create a more safe space for customers on a single desk. This is achieved by placing the cross-shaped acrylic glass on top of the table to separate the sections of the table into 4 different zones. There are a number of situations in which a table divider could be useful such as in the hospitality industry to make safe eating spaces or in an industry that requires customers to fill out forms on a desk and return to a counter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Plexiglass?

It is an acrylic substitute for glass. Light and easy to install, it is extruded into transparent or colorful sheets or other shapes that are strong and durable.

What is Plexiglass Made of?

Plexiglass is made from an acrylic polymer called methyl methacrylate. Put more simply, it is basically a form of petroleum-based thermoplastic. Acrylic is made from natural gas that is inert in its solid form so it is more weather and sun-resistant than some other types of plastics, which can break down when exposed to the elements.

What is Plexiglass Used for?

Plexiglass has a wide range of uses. It’s most commonly used as a transparent substitute for regular glass, but can be used for signs, furniture, aquariums, eyewear lenses, instrument panels, or even prosthetics and devices used in medicine and dentistry. It can be extruded and shaped into a huge variety of shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of colors. Because the acrylic polymer is so resistant to scratches and damage from cold, heat, and UV light, it is a great option for outdoor use as well.

What is The Difference Between Acrylic And Plexiglass?

Acrylic is the type of polymer used to make plexiglass. Plexiglass is the generic name for one brand of that acrylic polymer (the original name was ‘Plexiglas’ with one ‘s,’ trademarked in the 1930s). Lucite and Crylux are two other brand names for the same polymer.

Can You Break Plexiglass?

While plexiglass is much stronger than regular glass, it can indeed break with enough pressure. But unlike glass, which shatters, plexiglass cracks and breaks much more cleanly without shattering. This makes it a safer alternative to glass in a lot of places, such as bathrooms and for skylights.

Can You Drill Holes In Plexiglass?

Yes, you can but you must buy drill bits that are specifically designed for Plexiglass. We would also suggest wearing eye protection as pieces of acrylic could fly off while drilling.

Does Plexiglass Turn Yellow?

With proper maintenance (such as using scratch-free cleaners), as well as a UV coating if you want extra protection from the sun, plexiglass should not yellow for at least 10 years. As testament to its lasting transparency, there are some World War II bombers that still have their original protective plexiglass canopies, un-yellowed even after decades of being exposed to the sun.

Does Plexiglass Fade In The Sun?

Sunlight will not typically fade plexiglass for many years, especially with proper care and maintenance. Because the base acrylic polymer in plexiglass is designed to be resistant to UV damage, it is more resistant to fading than many other kinds of plastics.

What Size Shields And Barriers Do You Make?

We can custom cut and ship any size that you require from single piece plastic sheets to more complex designs.

What Type Of Barrier Is Best For Me?

It really depends on your business. If you need something that is easily removed then a desktop or floor-standing design might be best as a hanging sneeze guard requires a little more installation. A table divider is the best option for an environment where a single table must be shared in lieu of several of another type of table barrier.

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